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How Does A Web Application Work? Website Design, and Development, Digital Marketing Company in India

September 25th, 2022

Before starting to explain how a web application works,Guest Posting it is imperative to know and define what a web application is. A web application is nothing but a server-side and client-side server application based on a computer in which the client requests or runs a request in a typical web browser interface. Some of the most common examples of an authentic web application would be an email, online auctions, online retail sales, instant message service, wikis, and many more. A good web design and development company will help you achieve and develop the best web applications.

Now, with the common understanding of what a web application is, let us get on to know how it works in its terminology:

We will explain the whole process of the working of a web application, step by step:

STEP 1: The user generally accesses the web application by triggering a request on the web server of the internet through a web browser or a mobile application. At this stage, you should also note that there could be safety and security measures such as firewalls, cloud access, load balancers, and security brokers.

STEP 2: With the completion of the first step, the webserver now forwards the request to a web application server and it could be done via a web application testing service also. The web application server will now run to perform the requested task of effectively querying the database or process the whole data by then generating the true results of the requested data and information.

STEP 3: A mobile app development company can also effectively run or request a web application process. In the third step, the web application server will now send the results back to its original web server.

STEP 4: Now, the web server will deliver the requested data and information on the client’s portal that could be anything such as laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet, etc and the information will appear on the screen of the user display.

How to Locate and Analyze Your Target Customers in Just a Few Hours Using Free Web Resources

March 22nd, 2022

Analyzing target customers is an expensive, time consuming process if you approach it in the traditional way. However, if you have been reading this series of articles for the Online Marketing Guerilla (OMG) you will know that we can find everything we need to know in just a few hours using free web resources.

The OMG does not waste time, money or effort on anything that doesn’t directly help them to achieve their objectives, so here is how you can locate, analyze and understand more about your target customer groups than your competitors. Throughout any research, you should be looking for what to exclude until all you are left with is pure gold to your business. With practice you can do this in a matter of a few hours, not days.

What you need to know about your customers is:

- Where do they spend their time when they are online?
- Where do they go and what do they do when they are offline?
- What needs and problems do they have that you can help them to solve?
- How are they currently satisfying their needs?
- What do they like about the products they are using?
- What do they dislike about the products they are using?

Use or adapt these questions as column headings in a spreadsheet to enable you to organize the information you are gathering from the following free web resources.

1. Go to Google Blog Search and type in the topic you are looking for, being as specific as you can with search words so that you go straight to directly relevant content. Look for blogs with the highest numbers of readers and check the advertisements and any links that the author recommends, as many of your potential customers will be clicking those links and buying the products being advertised.

2. Research what articles are being read on your chosen subject. Go to and, both of which are rich in expert content and carrying links and advertisements that you need to check out.

3. Go to and Google Groups and look for forums with high membership and comments and again follow the links and advertisements. Select groups worth joining and become part of the discussions so you are actually talking with your target customers

4. Go to YouTube and type your topic into the search box. Look for high numbers of viewers and clips that carry sponsored ads and links embedded in the clips themselves. This is the latest upcoming information source that your customers are turning to.

In just a few hours your spreadsheet will be full of valuable information. Go through it looking for anything you can exclude and it will be easy to make decisions about where you are going to place your own ads, blogs, articles and videos so that enough customers will see them and click your links to enable you to achieve your objectives.